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With our 24/7 customer service, you can have access to your information via the Internet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


HR That Works

HR That Works! is a proactive program for avoiding risk management exposures, while increasing employee productivity and your bottom line. Learn powerful strategies and tools to help master today’s most common employment law concerns, while growing a productive and satisfied workforce.


Lipscomb & Pitts Survey

Lipscomb & Pitts partners with the nation’s largest and most well-respected actuarial firm’s Brokerage and Consulting Services Division to conduct a Mid-Market Benchmarking, Best Practices and Strategies Health Plan Survey.

The actuarial firm’s Brokerage and Consulting Services Division partners with prestigious regional brokerage and consulting firms from across the United States. We partner with the firm to conduct the annual Mid-Market Survey. The actuarial firm consolidates data from each regional survey to provide both regional and national benchmarking, best practices and strategies.

The survey is conducted every year between April and June. The results are tabulated and released to survey participants in the 3rd quarter of the year in which the survey is conducted. To participate in the 2008 health plan survey, please click on the link. (To view the survey, you may need to temporarily disable pop-up blocker.)


Claims Services

Lipscomb & Pitts consistently remains ahead of the insurance industry by providing innovative ideas that will provide more quality and faster claims service for our customers.


Background Screening Services

Clients of Lipscomb & Pitts will receive discounted rates for various employment screening services through Some of the services offered include criminal record searches, identity verification, motor vehicle reports, credit history searches, employment verification and education verification. There is a one-time setup fee of $14.95 to use these services. This fee covers account setup and system administrative costs. Click here to view the discounted price list. Click here to view a description of the services offered.


866 Recover

24/7 Rapid Response Service : 1-866-732-6837
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  • National coverage, local response

  • Emergency Procedures Planning Assistance

  • Emergency Mitigation

  • Power Generation

  • Project Management & Consultation

  • Reconstruction Services



Storage and moving reinvented.

PODS helps companies deliver faster and more cost-effective services including:

  • Secure onsite storage

  • Declutter worksites

  • Lower costs and increase convenience

  • Store offsite as needed — without driving

  • Rapid Salvage

For up to 10% off your next moving or storage project, make sure you say you are a Lipscomb & Pitts client or give the promo code: LIPSCOMB.