Empower Employees with Better Benefits

When it comes to employee benefits, studies show that in the long run, when given control over their own health plan portfolios, employees actually choose plans that are less costly to their employer than under the traditional one-size-fits-all model.

Unfortunately, with rising healthcare costs, most small to mid-sized businesses haven’t been able to offer employees a large range of options, until now.

Benefits Retain People is proud to represent Liazon: a revolutionary, all-in-one benefits solution designed to save you money and ensure happier and healthier employees. Liazon is a consumer-centric approach that puts the employee in the driving seat: employers allocate a fixed dollar amount to each employee, transforming them into cost conscious consumers who shop for a benefits portfolio that is right for them. Savings to employers are dramatic and employee satisfaction with the Liazon model is 20-30% higher than the traditional approach to offering benefits.

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